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What verbs to use on your CV?


In our recent post about stating your achievements, you might already know that the best practice of writing a professional CV is to use bullet points to address the achievements. It’s also urged that it’s better to start the bullets with the pastime of a verb. Why? Because people read the sentence from left to right, and giving the fact that your CV audience will only have less than 20 seconds to finish reading your CV. By only reading verbs can readers already have a basic idea or expectation for this bullet. For instance: Learnt or investigated… you can already tell that the person is in the process of doing something (either learning or investigation) but not sure what the result would be.

Therefore, it’s super important to start the sentence (if possible) with a more result driven verbs. Example: Implemented a new ERP system and resulted in production planning lead time reduced by 30%. And as a benefit of this article reader, we provide you with more examples of result oriented verbs:

implemented improved resulted in executed
achieved developed managed enhanced
increased reduced promoted established
created negotiated sold facilitated
budgeted coordinated organized insured
resolved won advised influenced
supervised leveraged solved helped