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Recruitment Agencies in the Netherlands

There are indeed a lot of open positions from different sources online: LinkedIn, HoiTalent, Indeed.nl, monster.nl. Since you can find them, others can as well – thus for those positions you may face an incredible competition. However, there are also a lot of positions which are held in the hands of recruitment agencies. As a job seeker, you can certainly make use of them as a supplementary way to look for job opportunities. There are two kinds of agencies generally speaking. 1). Headhunting companies, they proactively look for suitable talents for their clients. 2). Uitzendbureau, you got employed by those firms and seconded to their clients. In this case, the welfare and career development is highly depended on the Uitzendbureau.

Why and why not agencies?

There are several benefits in short:

  • For each agency there are various open positions, and you only need to contact them /apply once
  • May find positions you can’t find anywhere else
  • Understand your expectations and negotiate salary on behalf of you with companies
  • General career advice, CV and cover letter writing tips, interview preparation (but not their
  • expertise area)

Please also keep in mind that the job agencies always work towards the interest of their corporate clients, not you (which is opposite as what HoiTalent Coaching offers) They may be very proactive even aggressive if they find you useful for them. Otherwise, they may just leave your CV in their database and do nothing about it. Do not blame them for when they ignoring you – it is fair that they only focus on those candidates that can potentially generate directly profits for them. If the position appears both on agency website and hiring company’s website, and you choose to go with the agency application, this obviously increased their hiring cost. Should there is a similar candidate applied from corporate website directly, then it might put our application in disadvantage. If you got seconded to Uitzendbureau client’s premises, you probably will not receive the same training, career development as their employees do. However, on the brighter side, you have hance to work with different clients and get maximum exposure in the industry.

How to approach agencies?

If your previous experience is great and you have an impressive LinkedIn profile, the recruitment agencies may contact you proactively! But, in most cases, you need to take the initiatives when you don’t have too much obvious value exploited by them.

  • Call them! Don’t just upload your CV on their websites. Always give them a call to introduce yourself, ask for advice and opportunities and build personal contact with their staff.
  • Catch up with them every now and then. You know, they may not always think of you when there is even a suitable position. Always good to give them a call or email.

Main Agencies in the Netherlands

Here we list those agencies which may have positions for international job seekers in the Netherlands. Not a full list but should be the major and relevant ones.

General Agencies / Uitzendbureaus

  • Adecco
  • Randstad
  • Manpower
  • Hays
  • Tempo Team – relatively junior positions

Engineering Agencies / Uitzendbureaus

  • YER
  • Yacht
  • TMC
  • Brunel
  • Xelvin
  • Enter

Business / Finance related Agencies / Uitzendbureaus

  • Michael Page
  • Page Personnel
  • Robert Half


  • Integrand

Besides the big agencies above, there are also specific ones with positions requiring multilingual skills (mainly sales, customer support and account manager positions):

  • Unique Multilingual
  • Randstad Multilingual
  • Undutchables
  • Adams Recruitment

There are also many agencies focusing on specific sectors, like IT, Oil & Gas, Supply Chain, etc. You can definitely do your google homework and find out more. So what’s the next step for you? Go and check out those agencies and upload your CV to their database and proactively get in touch with them.

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