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Full Care Incentive+ Package


Service Scope:

  • Career Orientation
  • CV
  • Cover Letter
  • Online Test
  • Interview
  • Assessment Center (case study, group discussion, e-tray, etc.)
  • Contract negotiation

Service Period: till the moment you sign the employment contract, max 1 year. Within this period, you and your coach are supposed to have weekly catch up.

Next Step: After your payment, we will contact you and arrange the first meeting with your coach. Then the journey will get started immediately.

Target Group: This package is suitable for people who are looking for or about to look for full-time jobs (the earlier you come to us, the more time we can get you ready and then the higher chance you can get your dream offer).

Extra Point: You are requested to pay an additional 300 euro bonus if you find an internship / temporary work during this period.

This package is the same as all the Full Care Normal Package in terms of service scope.  The only difference is that for the Incentive+ Package you pay much less at the beginning and pay 40% of your monthly gross salary for two months after you get employed and get your salary payment. In principle, you will need to have at least 6 months valid stay in the Netherlands if you want to purchase this package; otherwise, you are supposed to choose the Full Care Normal Package. This can be further discussed with our representatives by submitting your questions in the contact form.