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Full Care Incentive Package


Service Scope:

  • Career Orientation
  • CV
  • Cover Letter
  • Online Test
  • Interview
  • Assessment Center (case study, group discussion, e-tray, etc.)
  • Contract negotiation

Service Period: till the moment you sign the employment contract, max 1 year. Within this period, you and your coach are supposed to have weekly catch up.

Next Step: After your payment, we will contact you and arrange the first meeting with your coach. Then the journey will get started immediately.

Target Group: This package is suitable for people who are looking for or about to look for full-time jobs (the earlier you come to us, the more time we can get you ready and then the higher chance you can get your dream offer).

Extra Point: You are requested to pay an additional 300 euro bonus if you find an internship / temporary work during this period.

This package is the same as all the other Full Care Packages in terms of service scope.  The only difference is that for the Incentive Package you pay much less at the beginning and pay 25% of your first month gross salary after you get employed and get your salary payment.