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Job Properties
  • Job Type
    Full-time Position
  • Background
    IT and Computer Science
  • Languages
  • Experience Required
    1 - 3 Years
  • Degree Required
    • Province
      Zuid Holland
    • Date Posted
      January 11, 2017

    TU Delft techies

    When you were young(er) the question was never about studying Computer Science or not. As long as you remember you had your computer by your side. Choosing TU Delft to deepen your knowledge was just as logical as 1 & 1 = 1. Once on track Mythical Man-Month became your Bible and StackOverflow your best buddy. Are you (close to) obtaining your degree and up for a next challenge? bunq is ready to give it to you!

    bunq and TU Delft go together like eggs and bacon. As our founder Ali likes to say, “Amsterdam gave us balls, and Delft taught us how to use them”. We’ve had awesome projects with TU Delft students before, so we know that you, TU Delft techies, are top shelf material! Make sure to drop us a line if the following sounds exciting to you :).

    At bunq, we built our backend as well as our frameworks from scratch. In less than a year our state-of-the-art banking system was born. Since then, we’ve enhanced old-fashioned banking standards in new ways; for example, we created direct debit with total control for the user. More recently, we launched an innovative direct payment system with Pathé. And this is just the beginning! Our team as well as our users keep coming up with awesome ideas for the future, and we can’t wait to build them. To stay up to speed, we’d love to have you on board as part of our backend, Android, iOS, or DevOps team!

    Things you would like to do:

    • Code, code, code
    • Be driven by creating new cool sh*t
    • Build features for thousands of users that make their wildest dreams come true
    • Join a fun team of extremely smart people

    You have…

    • BSc or MSc degree from TU Delft (or are obtaining one)
    • Been thinking in structures as long as you can remember
    • A great sense of responsibility
    • A can-do mentality

    Want to meet up? Drop us an email at meet-us@bunq.com and we’ll invite you to our bunqr!

    We love you even more if you…

    • Understand fallacies like premature optimisation
    • Love ZFS. And hate it
    • Toyed around with DTrace
    • Feel that the dwelling popularity of BSD is forcing you to use Linux. And weep about it at night


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