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Job Properties
  • Job Type
    Full-time Position
  • Background
    IT and Computer Science
  • Languages
  • Experience Required
    1 - 3 Years
  • Degree Required
    • Province
      Noord Holland
    • Date Posted
      December 24, 2016

    Frontend Software Development Engineer (f/m), Amazon Cloud9

    What would you do if you could decide the future of software development? That’s exactly what we’re doing at AWS Cloud9. Together we are building next generation tools with an incredible IDE at it’s heart, helping move software development forward and make the art of programming available to more people and a more diverse crowd. We are growing rapidly and are building a diverse team of passionate engineers that love to learn and become part of a supportive, positive and challenging culture where your voice is heard, your skills appreciated and your learning supported.

    You are detail−oriented to a fault. Able to meticulously build advanced user interfaces that challenge the status quo, optimized for simplicity, yet balancing the powerful features of our platform in an intuitive way. You are so connected to our user that at times you feel embodied by her spirit while iterating over a new feature. At the same time you are not afraid of linux, CLIs, NodeJS and building the APIs that your front−end talks to. You know you are not always right and use focus−groups and A/B tests to validate your assumptions. In the end this is all about the user.

    Our team is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, a beautiful city in a country with reportedly the tallest people and the happiest children. It’s very down to earth and so are we. We simply have a passion for enabling others to do great things with software and are looking for equally passionate people from anywhere in the world and any background and disposition to join us implement this challenging vision.

    You’ll work in a highly agile team that uses positive psychology to grow ever closer. We appreciate self−criticism and our meetings and ceremonies center around critical thinking and continuous learning from each other. It is fast paced, creative, hard work and a lot of fun.

    If this sounds exciting to you, let us know! We would love to meet you!

    Basic Qualifications

    • A Bachelor’s degree (or higher) in Computer Science or a related discipline. (if you don’t have a CS degree, that’s totally fine, but we’d love to see a cool project of yours in the application!)
    • Experience in building simple yet advanced interfaces in the browser
    • Strong knowledge in full stack web technologies, JavaScript, open source software, and internet protocols
    • Critical about user experience design and experience in actively participating in product development
    • Expert knowledge in your favorite programming language, such as Javascript/Python/Ruby/Go/Java
    • Excellent communication and problem solving skills

    Preferred Qualifications

    • Passionate about developer tooling and improving developer workflows
    • Deep understanding of browser APIs
    • Knowledge and appreciation of web standards
    • Strong knowledge in software architecture, data structures and modern design patterns


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