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Knowledge Migrant (KM) Policy and KM list

Knowledge Migrant is also called Highly Skilled Migrant, or Kennismigrant (KM). If you are from non-European Union countries and want to work (not including internship) in the Netherlands, you have to become a KM and possess the KM residence permit.

To be qualified for a knowledge migrant, you need to meet the following two requirements

Your (future) employer is a recognised sponsor (be registered in the Netherlands with the Chamber of Commerce, the Tax Authority, and the Dutch Immigration Service IND). For a list of recognised companies please check here.

You have a monthly gross income that meets the highly skilled migrant criteria. For 2016, the minimum monthly gross salary for a highly skilled migrant is:

– Employees at 30 or older – € 4,240

– Employees younger than 30 – € 3,108

– Highly skilled migrant after job-seeking year for graduates/highly educated persons – € 2,228


Application procedure and time

Normally your employer will facilitate your application. Recognised companies qualify for the fast-track procedure, which means that the IND aims to decide within 2 weeks after having received an application for the TEV procedure or for a residence permit.


Validity residence permit

The residence permit is granted for the same duration as your employment contract, with a maximum of 5 years.

You are not allowed to work for another employer and own your own company in the Netherlands when being a knowledge migrant because your residence permit is tied to your employment status with your current employer.

For more information, you can visit the following IND website: