Online tests are the first step of many multinational companies’ selection process. In most cases, it’s a knock-off factor before further continue to interview. There are many kinds of reasoning tests, personality tests or situation judge tests and we will deep dive into each of them in this course.

More importantly, as a premium user, you are entitled to HoiTalent partner’s online test environment. It’s a worldwide recognized online test practice provider and you can use that without limitation and for free!

We will cover:

  • What are major online-test publishers and how are their questions different from each other?
  • How to tackle various online tests including but not limited to: numerical, verbal, E-tray, logical, deductive reasoning, situation judgment and much more?
  • How to better leverage our Premium-Member only practice environment and get the most out of it!

Other than video lessons, you can download good quality group online test preparation materials from the “Course Materials” section. Of course, if you have any personal questions regarding online test, feel free to submit them to us via the Career Assistant Service, and we will get back to you in 1 business day!

The course materials are only open to Premium Members. Please sign up for the access.
Acing Verbal Reasoning Test
Acing Numerical Reasoning Test
Acing Inductive Reasoning Test
Acing Situation Judgement Test
Acing E-tray Test

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