Well begun is half done - So is the importance of your CV in terms of your whole job seeking process. There are so many different tips from online resources, different organizations or your friends, and sometimes they are contradictorily as well. In this course, we will focus on the most fundamental principles of writing a great CV in tHe Netherlands, based on the over 10,000 CVs of international job seekers we have reviewed and numerous feedback from recruiters.


We will cover:

  • Steps how to prepare a CV
  • What are the common practice in the Netherlands
  • How to get the basics right
  • How to make your CV tangible
  • How to make your CV relevant to the job you are applying


Besides video lessons, you can download some good CV templates and other useful materials from the “Course Materials” section. Of course, if you have any personal questions regarding CV, feel free to submit them to us via the Career Assistant Service, and we will get back to you in 1 business day!

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Steps to prepare a great CV
Getting basics right-Part 1
Getting basics right-Part 2
Making CV Tangible
Making CV Relevant

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